Being A Good Role Model For The People Around Me Essay

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To start off my apology I would like to start by saying that I know what I have done is not what I should be doing and every time that I do something that is against the rules other people think that it is ok to break the rules too and I know that I have a lot of people looking up to me so I am not being a very good role model for the people around me. I know the 9th graders look up to us when we are in bible class. Like the other day in class I said something funny and they all laugh and even on the next day they were bringing it up and saying how funny it was. so If I act bad then they are going to think Nathan is being bad so it must be cool to be bad and that is not the kind of example I want to set so the kids in the younger grades I want them to know that they can be cool or funny and still follow the rules and that the rules are in place not to make the class more lame or boring but to make the class easier on us and on the teachers. So In the next couple of paragraph I will explain the three major even of what happened and explain what I could have done different.
The first event happened in chapel with JoJo taking my seat. I do think that it is very childish of me to sit in the middle of the rows while Pastor Chris is talking. He put all of his hard and time to prepare the message for us and then we go and talk during his presentation and be loud and cause a disturbance. We are studding about the inner man and we need to step up and be leaders and not followers. I…

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