Essay On Father Involvement

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These past days it was interesting learning about father involvement, scripts, and a father’s confidence. We read and discussed about the different factors that decrease or increase father involvement with their children. A father’s confidence can help them become active and involved caregivers and playmates. Furthermore, having a good script on being a good dad it just the beginning when preparing to be a father. These were just some of the several topics that was discussed as a class these past days.
In class we read and discussed about how boys get more of their fathers’ time than girls do. Thus, fathers are more involved with their son and encouraging their exploration than they are with their daughters. This could be true do to the fact that dads know far more about boys than girls, because they were once boys. However, as dads I don’t believe we should love boys more than girls because it is a trend. Instead we should love should be distributed equality amongst them. Despite, how much easier it would be raising a son, I actually am looking forward to having a daughter. Some reason might include the fact that I never had a sister growing up and I plan to work hard to make sure I’m prepared to be a good dad for my
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Some things we discussed is when getting hired at a job, it would be beneficial to ask questions about paternity leave or family paid leave. It is not easy trying to spend the most time with your children when you are working but it is not impossible. Motivated dads will find a way and put a lot of effort to finding time to spend with their child. Overall, I learned many things from my class and can connect many of things talked about in class to real world. I do my best to find things linked between my fatherhood class and child development class that I currently taking this

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