Essay on Being A Fly On The Way Of The 1950 ' S Happy Day

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There are many decades that I have thought about being a fly on the way, the 1950’s is one of that eras. I might have even dreamed of being a part of the “Happy Days” of our nation’s history. Some of the highlights of the “happy days” were more babies were being born, the economy grew including the creations of the “middle class” and there were strides made in the fight for equality. However, with progress there is always setbacks. Some of the not so happy parts of the “1950’s happy day” era included the atomic bomb being tests on American soil, environmental degradation, and the fact that discrimination was still in America (728, 753-54).
Americans were back from war and got married followed up by having children (748). People married early and had an average of three children with a divorce rate of 9 in 1,000, this would indicate some happiness among Americans (748). With new jobs, an ever-evolving consumerism, and the fact that items were coming back into the lives of American after the wars, the middle class was created (744). A People & A Nation, Norton and authors argue “During the 1950’s a growing economy gave more Americans than ever middle-class comforts and economic security” (743). Blue-collared worker worked their way up into the middle class and the veterans went go back to school and obtain better jobs (746). With this consumerism took off, there were more choices and people had more income to spend, it is even said that by “1953 half of Americans had TV’s”…

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