Behind The Scenes Of World War II Essay

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Behind the Scenes of World War II Numerous racial groups participated in World War II such as African American, Native Americans, Chicanos, and Asian Pacific Americans. Each racial group played a big part in helping with the Second World War. They all served for the military, mainly so they would be recognized as American citizens and finally get the opportunity to be treated equally. African American, Native American, Chicanos and Asian Pacific Americans like the Filipinos were discriminated, and treated unfairly, many went through segregation within the military service from Caucasian troops just because the color of their skin. This forced all ethnic groups to be divided even though they were all fighting for the same side.
World War II began with the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. There were unresolved issues regarding their political and economic instability in Germany. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, which lead the United States to enter World War II. Which later indicated for Germany and the Axis powers to declare war on the United States. The main strategy of the military was to draft African Americans, Native Americans, Chicanos, and Asian Pacific Americans to pack up and fight for the country that had denied them their rights of American Citizenship. Every ethnic group was separated and sent to either the west or pacific where everyone had to do his or her part in helping the United States and its Allies. Once they entered the war they were seen as…

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