Essay about Behind The Nazi Mind : Adolf Hitler

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Behind the Nazi Mind: Adolf Hitler With six million Jews as victims and as little as 3 million Jewish survivors, the holocaust is primarily the most well-known and one of the most traumatic events in history. The National Socialist Party, also known as the Nazi Party, is known for its anti-Semitic views with Adolf Hitler as its leader. However, not only the Jews were targeted in the major genocide. Gypsies, the mentally/physically disabled, transgender, gay, lesbian, Roman Catholics, and Poles were kept as prisoners and suffered the same starvation and brutal treatment as the Jewish prisoners. But one can only ask, why had Hitler done this? What could have led to the development of such harsh tactics and plans? Adolf Hitler was raised in a toxic environment regarding abuse of various drugs, mental illnesses, emotional and physical abuse, and military influence. With these underlying attributes to Hitler’s childhood, it is clear what had possessed the ruler to establish and act upon such ideas. If one could look into the life of Adolf Hitler prior to the Holocaust, one would see a remarkable usage of drugs, including immense physical and emotional dependencies to them. To begin, Hitler had been diagnosed with several mental illnesses. One of the first accounts of Hitler’s diagnosis was completed by Carl Jung - he claimed noticing several immediate schizophrenic symptoms that would most likely lead to suicide, which, inevitably, became true.…

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