Behaviorism And The Social Cognitive Learning Theory Essay

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To commence with, the learning perspective in psychology is based on how individuals are affected by the environment and experience. This perspective is about the actions that individuals and non-human animals do or respond with; and both Carol Wade and Carol Tavris state that “within this perspective, behaviourists focus on the environment rewards and punishers that maintain or discourage specific behaviors” (2012). The learning perspective is used and found everywhere because we all tend to learn from the environment and experiences and we all react differently depending on the situation. Learning is a part of life and it’s something that we cannot control, even if we even think of trying; all we can do is to learn how to face them. The learning perspective can be found in students’ life, it has two theories that it follows which are very effective, and it can have different alternatives that individuals can use instead of just focusing on this one theory. The two theories that it uses are: Behaviorism and the Social-Cognitive Learning Theories, which both help to assist individuals to understand the learning perspective more and also to understand their actions towards different instances/situations that they face.
In addition, it is found in my major which is Business Science and the students under this field tend to use this theory daily with different tasks that we must do complete, and we also use this theory to help us know how to deal with daily troubles that we…

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