Behavioral Perspective In Psychology

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I am writing about my child’s behavior and the events of my life.
I am using the behavioral perspective to explain the events. Behavioral approach emphases on the observable behaviors. Yet, it doesn’t focus on mental such as thinking, wishing, and hoping which are caused by external factors. The idea is that to understand the causes of behavior, individual has to look at the environmental factors that produce them. Behaviorists used classical and operant conditioning to explain how learning occurs when an organism makes a connection between two events. Classical conditioning theory stresses learning a new behavior through the process of associations. Therefore, classical conditioning explains how neutral stimuli become associated with unlearned,
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He said, “Hold on dad”. After ten minutes, I saw him still watching TV. I started counting from five, but he wasn’t listening. I told him that I am counting again. As I started counting, he closed the TV and opened his book bag to do the homework. Counting down from five is a conditioned stimulus that leads to lower frequency of undesired behavior. This is an example of classical conditioning. While I was cleaning dishes, I requested my son to sit next to his one year old sister and play with her. However, he refused to do it and said “sorry, dad I am drawing pictures”. I said, “I will give you some candies”. And he whispered, “Okay then I will play with her”. In this case, candy is a rewarding stimulus to change his behavior. Positive reinforcement occur in this example. Here is an example of positive punishment: I attended the school where corporal punishment was permitted. I was allowed to speak English and Hindi only, and those were not my primary languages. I used to speak Nepali at home though. During the lunch recess, I was playing hide and seek with my friends and teachers were watching. While playing, I was mad with friend of mine and yelled out some Nepali words. One of the teachers heard those words and took me to the principal’s office. The school-principal whipped on my hands couple of times and stated to clean pigpen. I had to carry the buckets of water and clean the pig’s sty with pigs in it. Since then, I was aware not to use my primary language at school. In this example, aversive stimulus such as whipping and cleaning pig’s sty reduce my behavior of using mother

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