Behavioral Observation Analysis And Assessment Of A Mini Mental Health

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The client has had a heart condition since childhood that can cause her to pass out if she becomes overly anxious or excited. In the past the heart condition did not cause her many problem, but since finding out her about her husband infidelity she feels that she has panic attacks easier and has to come herself down so she does not pass out. The client is currently on a prenatal vitamin in which she takes daily and has been on this vitamin for the last year because she was pregnant. The client recently acquired birth control after a session in which she decided that she did not want to get married to save her marriage. The client does not use alcohol, drugs, caffeine, or cigarettes, but admits to drinking large amounts of mountain dew. The client refuses to take prescription medication for major depressive disorder and believe she should not be medicated in order to please her husband.
Behavioral Observations:
Expand on the information from the narrative summary section of this form (Where appropriate, complete a Mini Mental Health Status Exam of your client).
Observations include the client’s health, intellectual, and cognitive functioning, affect, mood, or any “odd” or “peculiar”
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On the PHQ-9 the client scored a fourteen and very difficult. On the (ASRS-v1.1) the client 's score was not consistent with adult ADHD. On the QOLS the client scored a seventy one displaying room for improvement. The sleep scale displayed that the client was only obtaining four hours of sleep a night in which she had to take naps during the day, had trouble falling asleep, feeling drowsy, and waking with a headache. In Becks Depression Inventory the client scored a mild mood

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