Behavioral Modifications : Behavioral Modification Essay

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Behavioral Modification Paper
1. Identified target behavior:
The behavior I identified and wanted to change was my negativity. Overall, I wanted to be more positive throughout my day. I initially had a hard time trying to find a target behavior to change because I don’t typically dwell or beat myself up on my behaviors or actions. For me, I believe if I reflect briefly on a moment then move on to the next step, it helps me to focus on more meaningful things in life. I needed a little help so I confided in my husband Mike and he suggested that I could try and be more positive. Having an open mind and reflecting within the recent months on my behavior, I agreed that I did need to work on being more positive and less negative.
2. Baseline data:
I started recording my data on a Saturday, and continued that process for three days. Within those three days I just recorded my everyday normal behavior without trying to change it. I used a note pad to write down a mark of how many times I would have a negative thought. Saturday, I had fifteen negative thoughts or I said something negative, most were in the evening hours of the day. Sunday, I had a little less with eight negative thoughts, most thoughts or remarks lasted only moments or minutes. Then, on Monday I had the most marks downs, with around nineteen thoughts or remarks.

Looking back at my three days of recording, I noticed that most mornings I would…

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