Behavioral Management Plan For The Classroom Environment Essay

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Behavioral Management Plan Within the classroom environment things can get hectic. To help combat this you can implement classroom rules. Rules help create a predictable environment for students where they know the expectations. In my classroom, I want to have a culture of acceptance, honesty, and love. I want everyone to feel like they belong and everyone to get along no matter what it is like outside the room. I also want every student to learn in my class that honesty, though hard sometimes, really is the best policy. I began to think about the rules I wanted to have and in a perfect world I would have 20 specific rules that every child remembered and followed. However, we don’t live in a perfect world and the odds of children remembering that many rules and being able to follow them is very slim. Since there were so many rules I wanted to have, I realized having a smaller amount of vague rules that cover many specific rules would be the better approach. The rules I decided on are as follows: (1) Come to class organized and prepared, (2) Respect others and their belongings, (3) Take responsibilities for your actions, (4) Participate in daily activities, and (5) Always do your best work. I feel like these encompass all the rules I initially wanted and the culture I want to create.
Rule #1
Come to class organized and prepared I chose this rule because it will hopefully help students know that my room is a place of learning, not just a place to hang out on your phone.…

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