Essay Behavioral Health Prevention Program : Program Design

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Behavioral Health Prevention Program
Program Design
Mission Statement
To cater to families and provide an all-inclusive integrated behavioral and cohesiveness program that will meet the needs of our community, while promoting the quality of life within our community.
. Program Vision
Collaborating with families, Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Social Services, and other qualified partners who are in accordance with promoting behavior support services to children, young adults, and families live a healthy life. It is our duty to serve and deliver accelerate the rights of people who may be needlessly impaired. It is our vision to eliminate these pain and suffering where every human being will have the freedom to fathom a healthier lifestyle.
Working and Theoretical Knowledge
A proposed analysis conveyed that behaviors among children and adults cause approximately fifty percent or more illnesses. Out of those fifty percent, approximately twelve percent are children who needs special attention, Thirty seven percent of people younger than 65 experience their health may be changing to a more lingering conditions to which they are responsible for in managing their behavior. With these types of challenges children are becoming more defiant and adults are becoming more afraid of their children as they endure a change in behavior. In addition children and adults need the assistance to receive the help they need. Implementing a behavioral health program will not only…

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