Beh 220 Applied Final Project Essay

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Applied Final Project 1

Applied Final Project

BEHS 220
25 Nov 2012
Applied Final Project 2
Diversity Consciousness was offered to me as a science option for my Business Major. Based on the courses offered I believed that Diversity Consciousness would benefit not only my personal life but it would also benefit me in my career field as well. In my current field I am a leader in a large diverse organization and my expectations for the course was it would provide me with additional skills to become a more effective leader. Diversity Consciousness has expanded my scope and redefined for me what diversity means on a personal, social and global level.
Prior to taking Diversity Consciousness I defined diversity as pertaining to race
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Our ignorance of what diversity means and the role it plays in our society limits our ability to grasp the full spectrum of diversity issues in the world. As a leader I now have a better appreciation for the people under my charge and I am more open to a dialogue to discuss issues in the work place that affect them.
As an African America I was forced to deal with a lot of emotions the last eight weeks in regards to slavery, oppression and a lack of connection to my heritage. Appreciating your own uniqueness and culture is something I think we take for granted. We must first address the issues within our own cultures before we can move to a place of understanding. Symbolic Racism, History, and Reality: The Real Problem with Indian Mascots by Kimberly Roppolo (Adams, et al, 2010) was a great personal essay that expressed serious issues within Indian culture specifically, but those issues are relevant in many other cultures as well. We must get to a place of understanding about who we are and deal with the pass before we can move on. As a leader my appreciation for diversity has been broadened because I understand a diverse work force strengthens the bottom line on a local and global level as we learned through the cross cultural communication videos. The most important benefit from valuing diversity in my opinion is personal growth. I have grown immensely during the course, through self

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