Beer and Sports Essay

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Beer and Sports
Sports are a huge source of entertainment in the world. Watching sports is an excellent activity that the whole family can enjoy. More than ever before, fans in America can turn on their HDTVs and tune into their sporting event of choice. With such a large quantity of viewers glued to their TV sets, companies have begun paying top dollar to direct their advertisements at sports enthusiasts. Commercials relating to sports have commonly been extremely successful and consumers purchase these companies products at an astounding rate. The problem I have with sports related advertisements specifically relates to the beer industry. These are some of the most
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Marketing strategies that beer companies use to connect sports with drinking include having commercials in which people are all huddled around the television, a cold beer in hand. In such commercials, everyone involved constantly appears to be having the time of their lives. Friends are laughing, enjoying the company of one another, and intently watching their favorite team. In these commercials, the intended team always wins, resulting in a wild celebration. People raising their classes high and tipping their heads back on their beer of choice accompany these actions. I say "beer of choice," because nearly every major beer company is guilty of some form of this form of advertising. These commercials cause consumers to associate drinking beer with watching sporting events. When watching sports, it is nearly impossible to avoid beer advertisements. Aside from the frequent commercials, viewers are continuously reminded of beer on the advertisements strewn throughout professional stadiums. Whenever the camera pans to a different part of a ballpark, beer advertisements are commonly visible in the background. This form of marketing is called product placement. Advertisements are placed in public places such as stadiums, giving a product, such as beer, persuasively improved image. As if that weren't enough advertising, broadcasters often refer

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