Bee Movie Analysis

Bee movie, A bonafide modern classic. In the early 2000s we were all concerned about the disappearing bees, both in the mystery and in the potential economic and environmental impact. The White house formed a committee to investigate the issue, and several documentary such as the silence of the bees arose to inform the public.

The mysterious death and disappearance of bees, known as colony collapse disorder or CCD is even more mysterious in that the face that underlying cause is unknown. Some studies show that an increased mite population causes bees to flee for the colonies well being and die alone. Others point to pesticides used by farmers or global warming as factors leading to CCD. In truth CCD is quite possibly a combination of the factors.

Just as fast as the public concern for bees arose it also vanished. The
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However actual bee populations only took a small dip and actually rose after 2008. Another metric of hive strength, honey production, was also at higher levels after 2008. This data would seem to suggest that CCD had little effect on bee output.

Why, despite higher rates of bee mortality, did bee production not suffer? One way beekeepers can hedge CCD is to acquire several “queen packages” A collection of a queen and several workers from bee breeders. Following the onset of CCD the cost of “queen packages” has risen, stemming from an increased demand in protection from CCD.

While our food concerns seem shored up another issue still persists, the continued disappearance of wild bees. While the domestic honey bee is completely fine wilde bees are approaching extinction. 96% of four local bumble bee species have died, along with a about 50% decline in other wild bees. Many of these bees do not live in colonies and are largely

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