Essay on Becoming A Teacher Educator Program

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As an adult who was terribly spectacular at “playing school” as a teenager, I would be lying if I told you that I had conceptualized anything that even remotely resembled to what constitutes as “classroom management” before starting a teacher educator program. I was the student in each of my classes who had a side conversation every so often, but also shushed my peers when the teacher was trying to get the attention of the class and always turned their work in on time (even if I had put it off until the last minute.) Since many of my classes were relatively teacher-centric (i.e. we all faced forward, kept quiet, and took notes to perform well on our tests), I was able to navigate the system because I knew what teachers expected from me and what I had to do to eek by and be as successful as possible with the smallest amount of effort required. I flew under the radar and did everything in my power to stabilize the boat, even if I was in a class with peers who desperately tried to rock it. So when attempting to develop my beliefs about what it takes to manage and enact authority in a secondary classroom, I often feel as though I am starting from square one. My biggest strength in the classroom and in working with students is my ability to be relational. I feel that I can be my best self, not only as just teacher but also as a person, when I can make connections with the individuals with whom I am interacting. For me, forming meaningful and purposeful relationships with…

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