Becoming A Successful Communicator Within A Business Environment

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The anxiety slowly rises like a wave threatening to overtake the senses. Slow deep breath with a short prayer shot heavenwards keeps the wave at bay as I look through the course work. I feel the bible verse rise within my head: “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength” – Phil 4:13 (New International Version). I take a deep breath and remind myself that I am here to learn and that this course will expand my skills and fill the gaps that haunt my insecurities when the fear of failure washes over me. Sure enough, throughout the five weeks, the Business Communication course has been an invaluable tool that has grown my skill set, challenged my thinking and built my confidence on how to become a successful communicator within a business environment. Step by step this journey has provided me with critical elements to help me succeed within a professional setting. The “Audience Centered Approach” (Bovée & Thill, 2016, p. 9)
The question that should be at the forefront of every communicator’s mind should always be what the best way is to reach your intended audience and how to facilitate the correct audience interpretation of that message. According to Bovée & Thill, the audience-centered approach is key to achieve this goal. They state that “[a]n audience-centered approach involves understanding and respecting the members of your audience and making every effort to get your message across in a way that is meaningful to them” (Bovée & Thill, 2016, p. 9). By…

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