Becoming A Pharmacist Is A Clear Choice Essay

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Choosing a career path to pursue by the end of high school is often a difficult and baffling decision for a student. Many are not yet certain where their academic strengths and weaknesses lie, or where they can potentially see themselves work in the future. Although a few of my own friends and family faced such dilemma, I am pleased to say that from early days of my educational years I knew that I excelled in the field of science and math, and when the time came to decide what career to pursue, becoming a pharmacist was a clear choice. Because of my personal drive and determination to succeed, my curiosity behind the formulation and use of medicine, as well as my compassion for interacting and helping customers, which I gained through employment at a family-owned pharmacy, earning a PharmD degree would allow me to work in a field where I can optimize my abilities as well as enjoy what I do.
The decision to pursue a degree in pharmacy began in the last year of my high school career. After taking a variety of science, quantitative, and humanity courses throughout the four years, I felt the most confident in chemistry, biology and all math classes. The teachers frequently applauded my excellent grades and hard work. I was always an ambitious and over-achieving student; qualities I continue to hold to this day as a junior in college. When the time came to apply to colleges I began to do my investigating, until reality struck; I could not afford leaving home, and at the time…

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