Becoming A Nurse Is A Essential For A Healthy Lifestyle Essay examples

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Becoming a nurse can be a daunting task, the thought of being responsible for the education of patients can become overwhelming. This project brought to light that before we can help patients we must start from within and make sure we are healthy. It is a likely assumption that most people are unaware of their daily food intake. The website Choose My Plate allows users such as myself to simply enter food and physical activity and then the website determines dietary surpluses and deficits. Once I noted my excesses and deficiencies I was able to come up with a plan of action to counter the numbers and help push them into a more acceptable value. Physical activity is another component essential for a healthy lifestyle. Choose My Plate allowed opportunities to enter daily activities and then displays a summary. Knowing what foods an individual consumes as well as their physical activities can help determine a plan of action along with other imperative information such as Body Mass Index, a waist-to-hip ratio, and individual body shape. All of this information can be added together to determine the level of health risk a person is faced with.
I charted my daily food intake for three days and then reviewed a report to find my dietary excesses. I discovered that I had excess amounts of total fats, saturated fats, and a protein overage. The first two excesses can be unhealthy, however I do not believe that an overage in protein is considered to be negative. To counteract my total…

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