Becoming A Norm For Me Essay

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Throughout most of my life, I have always fit into the “other” category. I first began to take notice of my differences from others in the fourth grade when my teacher read to us one day and came across the words “slanted eyes” in the book. One student raised her hand and asked what the phrase meant and after my teacher’s explanation, all of the students turned to look at me as an example. My face turned bright pink and radiated with embarrassment as their heavy eyes gazed upon me. Since I was the only Asian student in the classroom, I naturally stood out. As a consequence, I was made aware of the fact that I was different from my peers. I often emphasized I was half Asian so I could feel a sense of belonging and be more like the other students. Still, being questioned, “what are you?” became a norm for me.

When I entered college, I once again found myself singled out in the classroom as the only Asian, but that was only a part of my tenuous feeling of acceptance on campus. The transition from high school to college also proved to be difficult for me since I attended a high-risk public high school that did not prepare its students for a rigorous curriculum. This further separated me from the majority of my peers who came from well-to-do families and attended affluent, private schools endowed with resources to excel academically. However, amid the student population, I found others with similar backgrounds overcoming the same hurdles I had been experiencing.

Most of the…

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