Essay about Becoming A Master Student Is A Textbook Guide

1500 Words Oct 16th, 2016 6 Pages
Becoming a Master Student is a textbook guide to help students succeed in postsecondary education and beyond that. This textbook touches upon key topics that resonates with many students. The topics include, how to improve your time management, memory, reading, note taking skills and more. With each topic, there are numerous helpful tips and advice so that students may succeed in their academics, co-curricular, personal or work life.

Introduction, Making the transition to postsecondary education, Page 12
The key concepts of this article are the differences that students experience when transitioning from secondary to postsecondary education. A major difference mentioned is adapting to a larger playing field. In postsecondary there are huge campuses with a vast amount of students from different diversities. Being in a huge crowd full of unknown people could feel impersonal, overwhelming, and intimidating. This article resonates with me because I have recently transitioned from secondary to postsecondary education and I am currently facing the challenges of it. I feel that sitting in a lecture hall with over 400 unfamiliar faces is quite uncomfortable and isolating. However, a good advice given by the article is to the initiative to meet new people. Every week I could force myself to spark up a conversation with someone new in my class and get to know them. Socially connecting with others can benefit me academically and personally because I’ll be able to build…

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