Becoming A Doctor Never Crossed My Mind Essay

779 Words Jun 26th, 2015 4 Pages
For a long time, I never valued the importance of helping others. I used to think that no matter how hard we try, there will still be people who need our help. To be honest, the thought of becoming a doctor never crossed my mind, until the car accident that occurred during my sophomore year that put me in a coma for two weeks and took away my brother’s life. Being so close to death has not only taught me that life is so precious, yet fragile, it has also made me realize that it doesn’t matter if we can’t help everyone, but what does matter is the people that we were able to help. From then, I began to explore a career in medicine, hoping that I might be able to ease the pain of other people.
During the summer after my sophomore year in college, I decided to participate in a program by the United Nations that provided clinical assistances to a small village, called Tayo in Cambodia. On the first couple of days, I assisted the doctors with the patient’s medical history as well as any relevant information that might help them with their diagnosis. Day in, day out, we provided medical attention to more than a hundred patients, and despite working under the hot weather every day, the doctors that I worked with never complained. Rather, they seemed determined and happy. These doctors have showed me what it means to enjoy a career. And hopefully, I might be to have some of that passion, enjoyment and determination through practicing medicine. During my time here, the guidance of…

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