Becaus Poetry Analysis

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The theme of my poetry is the beauty of nature. I chose this topic because I truly believe that the nature in this world is beautiful. I’ve visited many places free from human interactions, and one thing is the same about all these places. It’s a scene you can never forget. Although these places are undeniably beautiful, people still feel the need to colonize these places. They litter, they build factories, they burn down forests. No matter how wonderful these places look, humans find a reason to destroy nature. I chose nature in my story because it really affects us all and it’s very important, whether we believe it or not. In my cover page, I chose that picture because that was the first picture that really captivated me and started my interest in the gems of the world. …show more content…
I selected that picture to represent my poetry anthology because it had a big impact on me. In my poems, I chose the type of writing in “Mother” to put a new perspective into the reader. The focus of that poem was to show our abuse we do to the world’s nature. “She gave us air, and food, and home, That's not enough we humans scream;” I was looking to create an effect of remorse in the reader, as well as a sense of urgency for action. In “Elements” I chose that style of writing to emphasize how the elements in our nature really impacted and helped us. “The gurgling of a brook, With its healing touch”. I used personification in my poems to create a vivid image in the reader’s head. I also emphasized the importance and usefulness of the elements in my poem. To start my poem writing process, I looked up HD pictures of nature on Google and stared at them until an idea popped up in my brain. My goal in my poetry anthology was to show the beauty of nature, while emphasizing the need for

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