How To Achieve Stereotypes In Beauty Pageants

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For any girl in this society, one of their dreams is to be a princess. Like in this society that does not exist because we live in a democratic government. So the closest thing to being a princess is to win beauty pageants. In this long journey, it helps many girls to find their identity and true calling in life. Through this journey, it demonstrates the talents of many women across the country. Beside their image, their story to get the crown is the most inspirational of all because each of them are unique.
Beauty Pageants are contests that many people categorize them as sexist. The reason why is because 75% of the contests point is based on the appearances of the young women or a little girl. For women in this society, the way that they
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There are even tv shows about this crazy ride. In the article, “Should 4-years-olds Beauty Queens” it demonstrates the both point of view in a beauty competition. In a unique point of view is from the parents. For many parents, even though they are the driving for their girls to participate, the one thing that they complain a lot is money. They said that a negative effect that comes from this experience is the cost of “dresses, entry fees, travel, hotel, rooms, makeup, and coaches”. But in at the end, the winners acquire a huge grand prize like money and most importantly scholarships. In reality in order to earn money, one must spend money. For another perspective on this story show us that “beauty pageants send the damaging message which focuses on the idea that physical appearance is an essential thing about an individual.” Nevertheless, this quote was taken out of content, for many Americans. At the age of four, many of these girls are when they starting to strength their character. Of course, most four years old have a strong character, but during this time, it can shape her character in a positive way. A way to shape their character in a positive way is to build self-confidence. Self- Confidence can be a very contracting word in the world of a beauty pageant. Altogether, girls that start at the age of four in a beauty pageant developed a great positive confidence as well win scholarship money to help pay …show more content…
Being overweight means that you are not healthy. In this article, “ I Used To Be Fat” demonstrates an overweight girl to lose weight for the glory of a beauty crown. Bree Boyce, at the age of 17 she weight about 234 pounds. In her family, she was the only one that was overweight, but she was never like this. When she was little, she competed in many girl beauty pageants and was considered to have a normal body image for the age of six. After that life in the beauty world that she was forced to do it was very hard for her during her teenage years. After school, she said that she would go to a local fast food place and order about ten chicken fingers with a side of fries every day. Then, one doctor visit she stated, "My knees felt like they were going to give out every time I stood up. The doctor told me the weight had to come off if I wanted to be a healthy adult”. Ever since that day, she began to research to get healthy and live a better life. During this long and difficult journey, she needed to reach some sort of a goal. She remembers when she was little during her beauty pageant days that she always wanted to win the crown. Therefore, after losing almost 115 pounds in three years, she entered into Miss South Carolina competition and won. Now with this inspirational story she shares her message to other young teens like her by saying, “I want to share my struggles

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