Beauty Pageants : Beauty, Confidence, And Eating Disorders Essay

1155 Words Dec 7th, 2014 5 Pages
Artificial beauty, confidence, and eating disorders are a few things that may come to mind when talking about beauty pageants. Beauty pageants have been around since Ancient Greece, but didn’t start becoming popular until 1960s. (Nussbaum, 1) “A beauty pageant is operated in a couple of ways, either corporate sponsors, where the competitors must meet eligibility requirements to participate, or the second way is by putting the responsibility on the participants. The applicants are responsible for traveling and lodging entry fees, wardrobe, and sometimes the cost of the crown and prizes” (Nussbaum, 5). Beauty pageants empower the people in them, but not so much the people that watch them. Many parents that enroll their children argue saying “It will build their confidence” or “It’s just for fun.” It’s controversial whether they actually serve a purpose or just demean children and women in particular.
It’s cute when a little boy or girl hides behind their mommy or daddy, but they’ll need to overcome their shyness because they can’t be shy their whole lives. Child beauty pageants give children the ability to grow out of their stage fright and share their talents with the world; it gives them confidence and poise. Children that are or were bullied are perfect examples of an increase in self-confidence. Once they enter beauty pageants, being on stage and being appraised for their actions makes them more surely of themselves, instead of the typical teasing and laughter. Natural…

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