Beauty Pageants Argumentative Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The contestant is always judging them self to see if they are the most attractive one there. The judgment they make of their appearance is negative. These judgments can lead to emotional and physical disorders. According to an article Nicole Hunter Wrote “The Effects of Beauty Pageants”, she was four when she competed in her first pageant. When she did not win she would compare herself to the girl who did win, which lead to poor self- image and low self esteem. When contestants make poor judgments of themselves it can lead to poor self- esteem like Nicole and to eating disorders. When contestants think they are not thin enough they will force themselves to lose that weight just to win the tiara and money. In a study done by Anna Wonderlich it was discovered that there was an association between childhood beauty participation and increased body dissatisfaction. Also contestants who are now adults still strived to achieve and maintain their thin body figure as a contestant. This can potentially lead to them always worrying and being fixated on their external features.
The unnatural world of beauty pageants has affected the natural image of a woman. High glitz beauty pageants require contestants
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They are judged on modeling sportswear, evening attire, dance and talent. The children are also judged based on individuality, which is based on looks, capability, poise, perfection and confidence, as the judges call it, "the complete package.” This is mainly the reason why coaches are hired. To perfect the child’s walk, dance routine, smile, poise and answers. When it is time for the interview section of the judging contestants have a rehearsed answer made up by their coach so they have the perfect answer. Based on the judging criteria the external features of a child must look perfect at the pageant. Perfection in pageants costs a lot of

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