Beauty Pageants : A Part Of History Essay

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Beauty pageants have been a part of history. They are events in which the participants, usually females, of all ages are being judged based on their talent, physical beauty, and an interview portion. In which the contestants all dolled up in outfits, makeup, and excessive amounts of hair products. Some people regard beauty competitions as eye catching, harmless entertainment, but often the rigors of this pageantry inhibit the normal development of children, socially, and psychologically. Beauty pageants have their audience appeal by their rewards for those who receive academic scholarships or grants. These pageants were designed to assist those who are suffering through a financial crisis, which is common to many young women. A former beauty pageant contestant said she "Began entering pageant in my teens, I was trying to showcase my talents and earn money for college"(Trujillo). This experience benefits the contestant through financial assistance. The reward decreases the family 's cost for the children 's learning. Although the money spent on the pageantry will almost be the same or more than the reward being earned.
The pageantry experience may sound appealing to the general public; yet the appeal is not adequate to overcome the disadvantages. For instance there is an excessive amount of time spent in getting prepared for and participating in pageants. Therefore "Children who participate in beauty pageants also miss out on playing which is an important part of childhood…

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