Beauty Of Beast : An Analysis About The Romance At The Workplace

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Beauty of Beast: An Analysis about the Romance at the Workplace
Looking for someone to be your lover? Looking for someone in common who has the same interest and experience as you do? Looking for someone who gets used to your working and living schedule? Looking for someone to date that perfectly matches you? It seems that the answer is your workmate or colleague.

Commonness of Office Romance
Office romance refers to consensual, mutually desired relationship that includes physical attraction between two employees working in the same organization (Watkins, Smith, and Aquino 173). More specifically, compared to other romances, office romance is characterized by desiring to be with other person with emotional and physical attraction at the workplace. This kind of romance may lead to personal information sharing, mutual caring, and it is more likely to involve behaviors such as hugging and kissing (Buchanan 132). According to the results of a survey on office romances done by Alfred T. DeMaria, considered as one of the preeminent management labor attorneys in the field of organizational campaigns, almost 60% of employees have engaged in office romance at least once. Moreover, around 64% of those have engaged in office romance would have it twice, as Figure 1 and 2 show (19). Some people may argue that office relationship cannot last long, but as Figure 3 illustrates, 20% of the office romance will lead to a good ending, such as marriage (DeMaria 19). Such relationships are not…

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