Beauty Has Been A Socially Constructed Concept Essay

1512 Words Aug 18th, 2015 7 Pages
Beauty has been a socially constructed concept that has been around since the beginning of time. We set these ideals of what has to be perfect, according to society, and what is socially unacceptable. If a woman happens to be over a certain weight, she is fat according to society. We have put pressure on each other throughout the years and it has harmful effects to the people around us. Setting certain beauty standards that people feel they need to follow is going to hurt not only this generation, but generations to follow.
Having certain advertisements in mainstream media and the magazine covers that we see when we take a trip to the grocery store all have an effect on how we see one another. When you pick up a magazine, you’ll mostly see the words “fat” or “skinny” on them. They include a super skinny person that has been retouched to fit today’s standards. They talk about how you can “lose weight fast!” or “lose 30 pounds in two weeks!” When we read certain fashion and beauty magazines, like Vogue or Glamour, almost all of them have something to do with losing weight on the cover. When women pass by and look at the covers of all the magazines in front of them, it’s doing more damage then they think. They constantly think that the people on the cover always look that perfect. Just by having certain ideals on the cover of their favorite magazine is going to affect them. They’re going to start thinking that they have to lose weight to fit in. They’re going to start…

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