Beauty And Beauty Of Beauty Essay

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“I dream of making women not only more beautiful but also happier.” (Christian Dior). Many women today are extremely into their physical image. Women create themselves to show their true symbol of beauty. They are not talking about beauty from the inside, but Beauty from the outside. Many women believe that what makes them beautiful is makeup. Makeup has become popular and companies are benefiting from it. Many companies are selling makeup and it 's become a competition for markets. Even though there are many companies who are successfully going their way to achieve getting women 's attention there is one specifically better than the rest. It is known for Sephora. Sephora has achieved getting women 's attention due to their discounts, for their variety in every kind of make up someone can possibly think of, and they 're many different locations.
Not only women but population itself are always looking for discounts everywhere. When it comes to saving money, don 't even ask! Makeup today can be expensive for many women, and can be frustrating because women tend to love makeup but can 't get any. Sephora makeup can be expensive because of its quality, however because of Sephora 's many discounts woman can get what they want for a reasonable price. For example, According to (Marcia pounds 2009, oct 14) Sephora has a very expensive kit called “Lancome package” who 's original value is $68.00 dollars but because of discounts woman can get it now for only $32.00 dollars. Women then…

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