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February 28, 2014
Volume XL, Issue II

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.
Nasdaq: BBBY
Dow Jones Indus: 16,321.71
S&P 500:
Russell 2000:
Index Component: S&P 500

Initially Probed: Volume XXXVIII, Issue VII & VIII @ $69.77
Last Probed: Volume XXXIX, Issue XI & XII @ $76.52
Trigger: No
Type of Situation: Business Value

Shares Outstanding (MM):
Fully Diluted (MM):
Average Daily Volume (MM):

$ 67.82
212.3 (1.2%)

Market Cap (MM):
Enterprise Value (MM):
Percentage Closely Held:

$ 14.2
$ 13.4
Insiders ~4%

52-Week High/Low:
5-Year High/Low:

$ 80.82/56.37
$ 80.82/19.52

Trailing Twelve Months
Price/Stated Book Value:


Net Cash & Investments
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Growth at BBBY has largely been driven by internal investment opportunities that have been periodically supplemented by relatively small M&A transactions. February 28
650 Liberty Avenue
Union, NJ 07083
Steven H. Temares

The intense competition found within the retail industry, and the changes associated with new sales channels (e-commerce, etc.) make a coherent strategy

Clients of Boyar Asset Management, Inc. own 33,250 shares of Bed
Bath & Beyond Inc. common stock at a cost of $64.40 per share.
Analysts employed by Boyar’s Intrinsic Value Research LLC own shares of Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. common stock.


Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. as important as ever. Management utilizes an “everyday low price” philosophy, designed to maintain competitiveness within the marketplace. BBBY considers price competitiveness to be a key means of establishing and maintaining customer relationships. Despite the increased prominence of e-commerce and the perceived savings consumers associate with online shopping, BBBY is actually quite price competitive with what can be found elsewhere. A 2013 study conducted by BB&T Capital Markets found that on a basket consisting of
30 different BBBY products, prices for those products were actually 6.5% lower compared to what was available on Amazon (not including the impact of BBBY coupons). However, pricing is not the only means of differentiation at BBBY. The

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