Bausch + Lob Essay

Bausch + Lomb aims to conduct business in such a way that meets the needs of patients, customers, consumers, and stakeholders today while ensuring the preservation, protection, and sustenance of the community, the environment, and natural resources so they are available for future generations. Sustainable Purchasing We will give purchasing preference to environmentally sustainable products and services that are comparable to their standard counterparts in quality, price, and performance. Where environmentally sustainable products are unavailable or impractical, secondary considerations will include the environmental management practices of suppliers and producers.
Environment, Safety, Industrial Hygiene, and Health
Bausch + Lomb is committed to practicing business throughout the world in a way that protects the environment
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Products and manufacturing processes are designed to meet customer and consumer requirements for performance, quality, and efficacy while emphasizing on efficiency and minimization all along their product life cycle.
Fuel, Energy, Water, Waste (FEWW) Measurement and Management
Bausch + Lomb continue to measure Fuel, Energy, Water, and Waste throughout its global operations. Each operations site is committed to improve at least one FEWW metric by 10% each year and instilling this goal into local key performance measures. Many sites that have acquired ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 environmental and safety management system certifications have identified FEWW metrics as major contributors, resulting in more focus and attention from local stakeholders.
Supplier Sustainability Risk

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