Battle Of Marathon Pros And Disadvantages

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In 490 BC, 10,000 Greek warriors charged against the opposing Persian army, composed of 25,000 soldiers. These soldiers were fighting for everything they loved, their land, country, family, even the world. King Darius had to destroy the Greeks to continue his Western expansion, but the Athenians wouldn't let that happen. Most Greek city states surrendered when Persian messengers asked them to, except for the opposing Athenians and Spartans, who killed the messengers. This meant war against the Persians. The Persians used conflict to force others to compromise and give their land to them and help them grow as the world's largest empire. Athens’s refusal to compromise their land to the Persians causes violent conflict in the form of war between the two armies, which led to the Battle of Marathon, changing the world.
The Persians were, at the time, the world’s most powerful empire, if they were to attack a town or tribe, the victim would typically just give up and surrender their lands and people. The Persian army fought best on flat plains (Deering). They would gather all their force in the middle of their army and had cavalry that would charge against the other army. The cavalry couldn't do that near as well if there were hills, mountains, or rocks nearby. They would usually wait for the other army to
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A few days after the Persians left the Spartans showed up and praised the Athenians (Fitzgerald). This is probably for being able to defeat someone with more than twice as much men as them. People heard about it everywhere and it helped them realize that the Persians were vulnerable and could lose (Staff). The battle marked the start of the beginning of the downfall of Persia according to some historians (Staff). This was a major achievement, no one thought the Persians could be stopped. They stopped Persian expansion and made them depressed (Staff). The battle has now inspired people for thousands of

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