Battered Women 's Syndrome : Battered Woman Syndrome Essay

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Battered Women’s Syndrome Battered Women Syndrome, also known as BWS, is a mental disorder that develops in victims of domestic violence as a result of serious, long-term abuse. This syndrome makes the victims who have been abused to be depressed and makes them feel that they are not capable of leaving the abusive relationship. Battered Women Syndrome was first discovered in the 1970’s by Dr. Lenore Walker. It was found only upon the clinical observations of Dr. Lenore Walker. BWS became popular when they tried to justify the criminal conduct of women who had gotten charged with the murder of their husband. You can easily identify anyone who is victim of Battered Woman Syndrome. You notice that they have symptoms like fearing for their life, Their performances in many places is affects. They are usually manipulated through threats of violence, unwanted sexm degradation, isolation, etc. They often dislike their bodies and go through somatic health situations. 85% of domestic violence victims are women. Battered Woman Syndrome happens to all kinds of women, no matter what their race, religion, age, etc. Generally the victims of BWS are women around the age of twenty through twenty-four. They are most likely to be murdered by their abusive partner. In the world there are over fifteen-hundred shelters for battered woman syndrome victims. About every fifteen seconds in the US one woman is being beaten by their partner. Around 25-45% there are women that are being abused…

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