Essay about Batman Nemesis

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In the movie, "The Dark Knight" directed by Christopher Nolan, Bruce Wayne, also known as "Batman" is faced with four nemesis conflict. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire son and the CEO to Wayne Enterprises. Whenhe was young, he witnessed his parents death leaving a scar within him. As he grew, he created another identity know as "Batman. Batman would serve justice and keep Gotham a safe place. In the movie "The Dark Knight", Bruce faced conflicts with an individual, a group, himself and reality.

Bruce Wayne's nemesis as Batman is The Joker. The joker is the individual who Batman conflicts with most in this movie, The Dark Knight. The Joker targets the people of Gothem to reveal the identity of Batman. The joker's only concern throughout
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The group put Batman in a dilemma, and Batman struggled to fight them off and resolve the conflict. That, in a way, is considering Gothem as Batman's nemesis for that part of the movie. Another conflict Batman had in "The Dark Knight" is with himself.

Relating back to his conflict with the people of Gothem, Batman's nemesis was himself. He was fighting inside as whether or not to go public with Bruce Wayne or to remain a secret. The people of Gothem wanted Batman to reveal himself to save lives and Batman conflicted with himself, as we saw in the move, The Dark Knight. Revealing himself would put him, his friends, the people he loves and his company at risk. There would be a lot on the bar if his identity is revealed, not to mention The Joker would win. If bruce went opublic with his true identity, then that's be following The Joker's plan, letting him win and allowing him to continue his trickeries and evil plans. The conflict ended when Harvey Dent lied and told Gothem that he was Batman. Bruce's last nemesis is reality.

Bruce Wayne faces reality, trying to fight for Rachel Dawe's love, although he knew it wasn't possible. Bruce knew there was a connection between him and Rachel and he always fought for it but Rachel chose Harvey. Bruce couldn't accept reality and still fought for Rachel although she was with someone else. Bruce had a lot of other things holding him back and he knew

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