Essay about Bata Bangladesh : A Market Researcher

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I have been selected as a market researcher by Bata Bangladesh. Currently, Bata Bangladesh controls 2 manufacturing plant Dhamrai and Tongi. Bata Bangladesh is manufactures around 110,000 pairs of shoes each day. It has a newest tannery which is set with high tech sewage treatment plant making sure a pollution free environment for both workers and locality. Bata expands its business throughout the country. Bata has huge number of stores, agencies, dealers and wholesalers around the nation. Without a doubt it has the biggest shoe manufacturing and marketing business here in Bangladesh. There are hardly any places in the nation where one will not found Bata store, which signals its development, success and popularity here. Bata Bangladesh is a public limited company, which has over 51-49% share with the government of Bangladesh.
Footwear trades account for more than 97% of the total revenue. Rubber and print footwear gives 48% of capacity, leather footwear gives 30% and plastic footwear gives for 22% of capacity. In value terms, leather footwear gives to 58% to earnings, Rubber and print footwear gives 27%, plastic footwear gives for 12% of total earnings. Accessories, garments, etc account for 3% of earnings. Bata manufactures around 50% of its footwear in their own factories, where as the rest is taken from the outsiders. Whereas all the plastic footwear is outsourced, in leather firm manufactures 63% of the footwear in-house and in rubber and print footwear, 61% is…

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