Basketball Athletes And The Basketball Association Essay

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How can some of these professional basketball players in the National Basketball Association ( NBA ) or Women’s National Basketball Association ( WNBA ) influence people in their daily lives? People may say basketball is easy because all you’re doing is throwing a ball in a basket and if it go in, it counts there you get the point. No basketball does NOT work like that, you can’t just make the ball then there you go already on a professional team. It also take time like everything else or the things you love to do. Basketball is one of the best sport out of all sports but with some of these professionals it wasn’t that easy to them especially to one of the best player or maybe the best player in history Michael Jordan. Not just him but Stephen Curry and Maya Moore. When reading make sure you read carefully because you’ll be seeing what they went through, how people said things about them, and what made them not give up on what they LOVE NOT LIKE. Therefore, pay close attention because these people that you’ll be reading about may make you want to change your mind and keep striving for what you want no matter how hard it is.
Initially, what did Michael Jordan do to make him the person he is? Jordan favorite sport as a child was baseball not basketball until he followed behind his older brother and decided to try something new. In high school Jordan wasn’t able to play because of his height but that didn’t stop him from doing what he like best all he could do is keep striving…

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