Essay about Basic Preparatory Phase Is The Final Opportunity O ' Connor

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Specific Preparatory
The Specific Preparatory phase is the final opportunity O’Connor has to improve skills before the season starts. The goal of this phase is to improve his speed and agility by turning the explosive power developed in the general preparatory phase into game specific movements.

In a study by Lythe and Kilding (2011), they calculated an average of 1148 changes in speed or tempo during a game of Hockey, which is equivalent to changing movement every 3.65s. Therefore speed and agility is a major component to effective play. In order to improve speed and agility I have split sessions into two parts. To develop speed and anaerobic capacity I have included interval training with high intensity intervals. Also to develop agility I have used a range of game specific drills in order to make it more game specific.

Projected targets
• Convert explosive power into functional explosive power
• Develop game specific speed and agility

Fitness goals
• Increase speed and agility
• Increase anaerobic fitness
• Maintain flexibility

1. O’Connor will complete one full body resistance training session per week in order to maintain strength and explosive power
2. In order to improve speed and agility, he will complete two training sessions a week that will involve high intensity interval training and game specific agility drills
3. To continue to develop functional explosive strength, O’Connor will continue to complete a plyometric training session each week. The…

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