Based On A Metaphysical World Essay

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Based on a Metaphysical World
There are a plethora of religions worldwide many of which subscribe to the existence of a higher power. However, Christianity is one of the major religions who have spread worldwide. There is great discussion of whether the God of Christianity actually exist and can be proven by evidence scientifically and philosophically. However, although I believe the God does exist, I do not believe there is satisfactory evidence for nonbelievers without taking the step to believe and have faith. Despite of this, the God of Christianity is sound to believe to exist through philosophical reasoning based on the functioning and existence of morality, a belief in metaphysical world and dualism. Through belief in a metaphysical world, there are elements from the nonphysical realm that influence the physical world. This belief gives allowance for God’s existence. Although there are the laws of nature that science has developed, these vary patterns that humanity has outlined to be true do not negate the actions of God as creator, nor do they deter the activity of God in the spiritual realm to influence the physical. Instead, the complex and mindless functioning of our universe alludes to spiritual influences. Danny Frederick published an article in the International Journal of Philosophy and religion explaining that, “. There is one exception to this claim: the argument from the possibility of natural laws requires only a very powerful, knowledgeable and skilful…

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