Baseball Rules For The Knickerbocker Club Of New York Essay

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MLB (Major League Baseball) is known as America’s Sport. Sunflower seeds and baseball chants on a Saturday night, can make anyone days better. The history of how the game of baseball started is very interesting, but most people don’t know how. Yet it’s almost the average sport an American kid wants to play these days. Since baseball has now had a huge impact on America and its recreation activities, you should know how the game came about the American life. It all started in the year 1845 when Alexander Cartwright made a rule book of baseball rules for the Knickerbocker Club of New York. This is claimed to be where the main rules of baseball were adapted from. Alexander Cartwright owned the team “Knickerbockers”, and he made the rules to play the first recorded baseball game in 1846 against the New York Baseball Club at Elysian Fields in New Jersey. In fact when baseball first started, the pitched under hand and barely threw it at the batter, making it more dangerous for the pitcher than the catcher. As baseball grew, the started throwing overhand and throwing harder. Eventually the catcher and umpire that were catching for the pitcher had to wear protective gear. Now today most guys in the MLB can throw 95mph, which is crazy fast compared to how they use to throw 70 plus years ago. The secret to throwing like this is training. They use the power of their legs to throw this hard. Back when it all started people played it for fun and for a hobby. I personally wish it was…

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