Baseball Glove Analysis

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Re2pect the Glove
Not everything you are taught is the truth. It is a generally accepted and widely taught adage that money does not buy happiness, and that people should not focus on material objects. I agree that we should not obsess over material objects, because after all that is what they are, material, but sometimes a material possession can be attached to a memory or time in your life that is worth remembering.
I grew up an avid sports fan, thanks to my father. Together we watched and rooted for all the major New York sports teams, but we both shared a favorite: the New York Yankees. When I was three, my dad drove me to the south Bronx for my first Yankees game. I was absolutely infatuated with the game and soon developed a fascination
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From the time I was little I always found it so admirable that Derek Jeter would devote his entire career to one team, the team he loved, and the team who loved him: the Yankees. Idolizing Jeter became easy, both because of his superb athletic talent as well as his respected, jovial personality. Derek Jeter exemplified the proper ethics of baseball and showed me exactly what it meant to be a Yankee. I consider the Rawlings baseball glove that Derek Jeter signed for me without a doubt one of my most valuable possessions. Its value to me is not only monetary, but memorable and …show more content…
This sentiment comes from all the days and nights I spent at Yankee Stadium, all the games I watched on TV with my dad, the jerseys I collected, the players I followed, and the role model the Yankees were able to provide me at such a young age and through my entire youth. Growing up a Yankee fan has taught me a lot about sportsmanship and dedication, what it means to be a good athlete as well as a good person, and supporting your team through better or worse. The glove serves as a constant reminder of the influence baseball and the Yankees has and will continue to have on my life. To this day, I am subject to the glove’s impact on my life every time I lace up my cleats, and I look forward to continuing the qualities it has instilled in me at the collegiate

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