Bartleby The Scrivener Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… That would be crazy, but Bartleby said these words multiple times to the lawyer, his boss. This is similar to the characteristics of a zombie, because zombies do not ever listen to anyone. They do what they want to do and nothing more.
Bartleby took the job as a scrivener to try and find a purpose for his life, but soon after his boss abandons him, he ends up in jail. At this moment in his life he sees that he truly has nothing. His quest for purpose as a scrivener has failed. He is at the end of his life, not because he is old or sick physically, but because he has nothing to live for. While in jail he refuses to eat and soon he dies. His reason for living died a long time ago, though. His pursuit to be a scrivener was just an attempt to find another purpose for his

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