Bartleby Essay Questions

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Day 3
The lawyer tried to get rid of Bartleby by moving offices. This attempt worked because Bartleby just stayed in the office.
The lawyer’s attempt to get rid of Bartleby only partially worked. It didn’t work all the way because the next tenants of the office called the lawyer to get Bartleby to leave. So Bartleby was still in the lawyer’s life but not in his office.
The lawyer tries to appeal to Bartleby with money and with connecting him with his family members. These two attempts do not work and Bartleby stays at the office like has always done.
The problem solving mentality is a way of avoiding the realities of suffering and pain because it doesn’t take into account what is actually wrong with Bartleby. When looking at the problem
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The true lawyer inside him wants to see why Bartleby is the way that he is. I cannot blame him for doing this because I probably would do the same thing in his situation.
The narrator proves himself to be a true lawyer at the end by setting the story about Bartleby straight and he also makes eating arrangements with the prison cook for Bartleby. These two examples show that the lawyer does care what happens to Bartleby and can be a “true” lawyer when he needs to be.
Bartleby says “I know you, and I want nothing to say to you” because he feels that the lawyer is the reason why he is in prison. Bartleby was right not to be grateful for the lawyer’s interest because the lawyer ditched him and was part of the reason he was in prison.
The lawyer was right to try and help Bartleby because he was a major reason why Bartleby was in there in the first place. Bartleby didn’t respond to his offers because he was mad at the lawyer for displacing him.
I think that the lawyer learned one important lesson from Bartleby. That lesson was that everyone, no matter how weird, deserves respect and dignity. The lawyer shows that he learned this lesson by visiting Bartleby in prison multiple times and by searching for more information about Bartleby after his
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It could have been a combined of things from his past or he could have been mentally ill. Herman Melville doesn’t give us any hints on this mystery, so we will never know.
People like Bartleby are best understood one of two ways. One way is as human beings with problems to be solved. The other way is as fellow sufferers in need of hope and companionship. I personally believe that the second way is the best way to understand people like Bartleby. Even though this method may be more difficult and time consuming it treats people like Bartleby with the respect and dignity they deserve in their time of suffering.
The CODA helps me understand Bartleby better because I now know a little more about his background and previous place of work. Even though the lawyer said that it is just a rumor, it makes sense, connects some of gaps in his character, and it could possibly be true.
It would be very depressing to work in a Dead Letter aoffice. Everyone’s good news, bad news, checks, bills, and mail of every kind piling up around me feels very depressing. That job is the definition of a dead end job, where whatever comes in never leaves because there is nowhere else to go.

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