Essay on Barriers And Treatment Of Older Adults And Substance Abuse

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Some barriers to receiving treatment were presented at a professional development recently attended by Ad care. Speakers Kirk and MacDonald (2016) identified some barriers to treatment are transportation, and financial limitations. Most insurances may cover substance abuse treatment but Older Adults may have to pay a copayment for daily treatment which could be a barrier due to Older Adults being on a limited income. Another barrier for accepting treatment is Older Adults may not want to go treatment and be with their younger counterparts. One problem with regards to Older Adults and substance abuse, is families may be enabling their substance use, instead of helping without even knowing it. A common problem is family members buying alcohol for the addicted person, someone who can’t drive and thinking this is harmless. It isn’t harmless, it isn’t helping the family member who has the problem. This is part of enabling them to continue abusing alcohol. An Older Adult may have transportation to the hospital for treatment, but not for ongoing meetings like AA, or other therapies and support groups. Another barrier for Older Adults seeking treatment is their minimal support network. Older Adults may have lost friends and family and this limits their support system to actual seek treatment and to assist with getting them to treatment. We have looked at what is substance abuse, opioid use, pain management, barriers and myths, now we should look at what are the treatment…

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