Barrie 's Classic Children 's Story Peter Pan Essay example

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In J.M. Barrie’s classic children’s story Peter Pan, a young boy named Peter takes three children on the adventure of their dreams in a faraway place called Neverland. The story, revolving around how “all children, except one, grow up” (1) takes the reader back to mindsets of children and their elaborate fantasies that might actually be true if they could only remember. With swords fights between pirates, fairy dust, flying away from home right out the window and death being only “an awfully big adventure” (113) not many can see how they would ever forget such a place, but by keeping their windows open and unlocked, any child can enter Neverland through their dreams as long as they remember. While many believe the window in Peter Pan only symbolizes an entry way for Peter, the window actually represents the opportunity for escape to and from reality into Neverland through dreams and trust that comes with hope, belief and memories that all can be barred out with age.
According to Barrie’s Peter Pan, every child’s mind wanders into their own personal Neverland at night, and sometimes, the lands can be breached when a window is open. Children have a way to keep this window open for the possibility of their dreams to come true, while adult’s windows are kept shut due to age and therefore, losing the ability to travel to their Neverland. Every child’s mind has access to a map consisting of “zigzag lines…probably roads in the island, for Neverland is always more or less an…

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