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David: Baroque or Renaissance
The courageous young David of the Old Testament has been the model for several sculptors in the art world. Michelangelo Buonarroti and Gian Lorenzo Bernini are two of these known sculptors. Michelangelo has been noted as the superior personality of the Florentine and later the High Renaissance era. He reigned the whole sixteenth century to the point others were unable to elude his influence (Hartt, 1987). A century later, Bernini entered the sculpturing world and was credited as the greatest sculptor alive. His ability in handling marble gained him early fame (Held & Posner, 1971).
The period of art history Michelangelo is associated with is called the High Renaissance, particularly in Florence, Italy. It was
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It incorporated the end of the sixteenth century into the middle of the seventeenth century. The center of the art world continued to be Rome, Italy. However, Paris, France would come forth as the European center of art by the end of the Baroque period. Sculptures from the Baroque period were more inclined to be more animated, openly expressive, and extravagant. The Classical idea still entertained the artists (Adams, 2011). Baroque artwork was the art of a changing time, when the groundwork of the modern class was being founded. Many artists during this time appreciated the body as an exhibit of human emotion just as much as the face. Along with the new direction of displaying emotion, the artists also defined space as united and absolute (Held & Posner, 1971). The Baroque style was elegant and natural just like the High Renaissance style (Buckley, 2014). During the Renaissance era, spatial illusionism was first introduced but the Baroque artists capitalized on it. Another comparison between the two periods pertains to the figures. Unlike the Renaissance figures who appeared passive, the Baroque figures showed a multitude of expressions including affection and despair (Held & Posner,

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