Barbie 's Effect On Little Girl 's Minds Essay

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To Barbie or Not to Barbie Why does Barbie spark such an interest in younger girls if she has caused so much controversy over the years? There are many arguments that Barbie has a fully negative effect on little girl’s minds, but what about all the positive ones? Throughout the years Barbie has taken on more than 150 careers such as a CEO, Zookeeper, Racetrack Driver; you name it Barbie’s done it. “As an astronaut, she went to the moon 4 years before Neil Armstrong” according to the article Barbie Media by Mattel. Barbie has even run for president and won. When researching about Barbie I found many distasteful statistics. The article “Dying to be like Barbie” hit me hard because, although it makes a lot of great points, a Barbie doll shouldn’t be negatively affecting so many children. Theoretically speaking, the feminists of the world believe a Barbie doll can only be detrimental to the little girls mind but I do not believe that was Mattel’s implied message. Originally, yes, the very first Barbie commercial to be aired was objectionable but today’s Barbie commercials send out very positive messages to their viewers. In contrasting two very different commercials I have found only improvement in the implications throughout Barbie’s lifespan. "Barbie 's small and so petite. Her clothes and figure look so neat. Someday I 'm gonna’ be exactly like you. Till’ then I know just what I 'll do. I 'll make believe I 'm you." These are the disturbing lyrics of the first ever…

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