Essay Barack Obama Vs. Donald Trump

1196 Words Nov 15th, 2015 null Page
The 2016 race to the Whitehouse will be a competitive one. It is a horse race between the Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton. Donald Trump, a real-estate mogul and a multibillionaire does not have any experience in political matters. However, Hillary Clinton has swam into the murky waters of politics for decades, served as the First Lady (1993-2001), New York Senator (2001-2009) and has also served as the US Secretary of State between 2008 and 2012. Thus, her experience in politics is immense unlike Donald Trump (Cillizza 6). Based on the political lens of these two candidates, it is evident that Hillary Rodham Clinton versus Donald Trump in the presidential race is inevitably a matter of facing two evils – but having to bear with a lesser evil. Since Americans must decide on one of these candidates, Donald Trump is arguably a better contender for presidency compared to his rival, Hillary Clinton. He is honest, wealthy, liberal-minded, an anarchist capable of withstanding tough economic times, a true testimony of economic possibilities, and has a drive for perfection. Donald Trump therefore, fits well with the American politics of wealth and politics, and would probably expect the US denizens to work hard in order to realize the American dream. He seems to have adept managerial skills that have seen him maneuver in the corporate world, and is thus a source of inspiration and hope for many people. Trump is a gamble that is worth taking…

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