Essay about Barack Obama And Bill Clinton

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A President 's efforts are the reflection of their interest in their nation. Once a president is elected, they must do what their administration has promised to do for the people they will be serving. President Bill Clinton became the 42nd president of the US States, serving from 1993 to 2001. He was affiliated with the democratic party. Same as Barack Obama, who had taken office as the 44th president and is still serving. Both presidents had served two terms and made major changes in the way America is today. Through a careful comparison and contrast of the both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton’s Presidency’s, and how they made changes to improve America’s economy, health care, education and foreign relations.
When Clinton and Obama 's administrations came into office, America was in an economic crisis on both of their terms. Despite the challenges that America was in both presidents were up for the challenge and had succeeded in coming out of the recession that America was in during their terms. Bill Clinton had the longest economic expansion in American history. During his presidency, Clinton had created more than “22 million new jobs” (Amadeo 2.) Clinton is known for decrease the debt America was in and rising the economy better than any other president. His administration had dropped the unemployment rate from “7.5% to 4.5%” (Amadeo 2.). That was the lowest rate America has seen since 30 years prior to Clinton coming into office. Also for woman, Clinton had gotten the…

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