Barack Obam A Successful Leader Essay

1328 Words Mar 5th, 2016 null Page
Barack Obama is the first African American president. It took 43 presidents before him for our nation to nominate president of another race, but he was the first. Barack Obama had a successful childhood. He had an even better career. With all his political roles Barack Obama is a successful person.

I will describe Barack Obama 's early life and successful. Throughout his childhood Barack move around a lot I know because in my researches said “The family left on Hawaii and moved to Indonesia so he could attend a better school.” Barack Obama was a good student as a kid he attended very good schools I know because I was doing some research he said “He earned a place at Panahoa school, a very prestigious school and initially lives with his grandparents.” This show is about success in school. He had to live with his grandparents so he could go to a good school. Showing his determination for being a successful student.

Barack Obama has a big impact on society has a successful president. I know Barack is a successful president because in my resources said “Obama 's improbable victory heated what political analysis believe had been in evitable this showing some of the Barack’s victories. Of all of Barack 's victories his most successful was becoming president. The victory was sweeter because he is the first black president. Mr Obama 's impact on society wasn 't just because he became president, it 's also because of his success with Saudi Arabia. There is a quote in my research…

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