Essay on Barack Obam A Leadership Change

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Addressing Iowans, expected Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry said he’s optimistic about the country’s future once there’s a leadership change, even though Americans remain unemployed and children continue to be hungry.

"Now I understand there’s pessimism out there and there’s good reason for it," the former Texas governor said May 16, 2015. "One out of 10 Americans are out of a job or underemployed or just completely quit looking for a job. One out of five of our children live in a family that’s on food stamps. What did we have, 0.2 (percent) growth last month? That may be good enough for Barack Obama, it may be good enough for the Democrats, but it’s not good enough for me. I know America can do better."

Perry’s first couple of figures didn’t seem new to us. In April 2015, the federal government announced the economy had grown 0.2 percent in the year’s first quarter. And according to the government, 10.8 percent of the American workforce in April 2015 were unemployed, underemployed or wanting a job but not lately looking--compared to 12.3 percent a year before.

For this fact check, we wondered if one child in five lives in a family on food stamps, meaning government aid for buying groceries.

A note: paper food stamps have not existed for nearly a decade since Congress in 2008 required states to shift to plastic cards, like credit cards, that may be presented at checkout stands. The one-time Food Stamps Program is now the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance…

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